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Configure, Change or Set to Default Save Files in Microsoft Office Formats (OOo) is a free office and business productivity suite that is a good alternative to costly Microsoft Office suite. Not only is is free to download, use and distribute, it’s also an open-source project, multiplatform, multilingual and compatible with all other major office suites, including Microsoft Office 2003, XP, 2000 and 97, with support for Office 2007 slated in upcoming release of OpenOffice. The problem is the other way round is not true, as Microsoft Office does not support file formats by default. support most Microsoft Office file formats, and can open and import Microsoft Office files such as Word documents, Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations. But Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint do not support and cannot open OpenOffice file formats by default, thus making sharing of documents and files across platform difficult, especially if you want to send a file to a Microsoft Office user, or you have a mix of Microsoft Office users in your organization. So, for sharing or viewing and editing of documents with Microsoft Office programs, the files must be saved in a Microsoft Office format or in .rtf.
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