How to Install ClamAV AntiVirus Server and automatically scan files/folders for viruses in Ubuntu.

Learn how to install ClamAV Antivirus Server and be safe on Ubuntu.
Installing ClamAV AntiVirus Server

1. Go to Applications > Add/Remove Applications
2. In Add/Remove Applications page, type virus in search box.
3. Select Virus Scanner (ClamAV) and click OK.

4. In Confirmation window, click on Apply to install the virus scanner successfully.
Automate scan files/folders for viruses

Automatically scan files/folders for viruses at midnight everyday. Just follow these steps to automate.

4. Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal
5. In the terminal as shown below, copy paste the command export EDITOR=gedit && sudo crontab -e and run it.
Enter your password and hit return.

Note: User should have administrator permissions.

6. In Editor page, append : 00 00 * * * sudo clamscan -r /location_of_files_or_folders at the end of file save and close the editor.
Automation process is now set successfully and your system is monitored.

7. If you want to check for the Status of Scanning use command: sudo clamscan -r /location_of_files_or_folders
8. This will display the summary of scanning as indicated in the screen below.


4 responses to this post.

  1. trus hubungannya antara install GUI virus scanner (lewat add&remove) dengan install dan rubah2/kode2 yang disebutin dlm terminal itu apa? kok ga ngeliat hubungannya ya ?
    trus yg dimaksud ‘location_of_file_or_folder’ itu apa ? spesifik seperti ‘/Documents/born’ atau ‘/media/disk’ gitu kah ?


    • he he clam av agak ribet juga nih, udah install malah gak bisa update virus database, klo di linux ada 2 cara instalasi softwarenya yaitu lewat GUI atau terminal, sip


  2. Posted by ahromy on December 9, 2009 at 2:53 am

    mas…sy bingung kalo mo scan virus lewat terminal,command nya gimana?
    mohon bantuannya, sy newbie di linux 😦


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